Who We Are

Gulf Horizons Foundation Ltd … was established in 2011.  Please visit our national marketing arm; AUSTRALIAN HORIZONS FOUNDATION – here, for all the latest news, Art Unions, and projects.   GHF was launched as the support base for the suffering grazing, farming and agricultural communities in the Gulf region of far north Queensland, which were overwhelmed

What We Do

Gulf Horizons Foundation Ltd (Gulf Horizons) is the charitable organisation which supports the development of programs aimed at

Life’s Tough!

Now we’re in the 4th year of drought.  This means life’s tough in the bush!  For graziers, farmers,

Domestic Blitz

Together with Rotary Club of Atherton, Northern Gulf Resources, Frontier services, Savannah Regional Health Services, Coates Hire (industrial vacuum


GHF lends a helping hand in the 2012 bushfires The bushfires that swept the region in late 2012

The Oral Histories Project

Gulf Horizons Foundation received a grant through the Croydon Shire Council’s Regional Arts Development Fund, to conduct six (6) x Oral History recordings in the Croydon Shire, being a part of the Gulf region. Please enjoy the history on these videos. Croydon is a historic gold-mining town situated in the heart of the Gulf Savannah. Grazing

Our Grants Program

Previously and at various times, Gulf Horizons Foundation has invited application for grants from the community.  And currently

Planned Projects

Pic courtesy of Outback Heritage. After a successful planning day on May 2, 2014, where participants from the

Kids of the Gulf

“This is the best day of my life” … a comment from one of the Gulf Kids, after

New Education Centre

Gulf Horizons Foundation cares for the Kids of the Gulf.  We plan to build an education centre, a highly interactive environment that teaches children from the Gulf and visitors, all about the environment, native animals, rivers, sea and our rivers. The exciting new centre will teach them how to care for the environment, how the

History of Croydon Shire

Watch these videos:              

History of Etheridge Shire

Watch these videos:                      

Native Animals of the Gulf

Brush-Tailed Possum Frilled Neck Lizard Rock Wallaby Bustards Eagle Finch Goanna Emus Our Big Mud Crab Our Famous