Domestic Blitz

Together with Rotary Club of Atherton, Northern Gulf Resources, Frontier services, Savannah Regional Health Services, Coates Hire (industrial vacuum cleaners) funding was secured to provide over 48 properties in the Gulf with teams of two cleaners (Dust Angels) for intense cleaning of homes for no charge! Each Dust Angel gave 6 hours each, making a total of 12 hours each team.

A life saver and very welcomed relief for the households needing some TLC, in times that are particularly challenging for people on the land.

Fairy Dust

It’s Christmas time; the grass is dead and not a cloud or rain in sight
The whirly winds surround the house and blow for all their might
Morale is low, the bills are high and Santa’s looking rather grim
Cobwebs hang from the rafters and frankly I don’t know where to begin

That bush dust must have magic powers; I could not believe my eyes
I thought the drought had finally got to me along with the heat and flies
For out of a bit dust storm sure to send the ‘trouble and strife’ quite mad
Two little dust angels materialised, and I thought I’d been had.

They flew around this old bush house like they grown gossamer wings
And dug out years of ingrained dirt, insects and all kinds of things
They hung precariously from the ceiling fans like they were Cirque De Solei
And before I knew it, they said their goodbyes and I saw them on their way

I can’t tell you what a sheer blessing it was to have those angels come to me
Who could read a housewife’s mind and know just how a house should be
It’s those little things in the daily grind that never seem to get a wash or clean
That bug you as you pass them by, you know the ones I mean.

It doesn’t change the status quo; we will search the horizon for a single sign
That Hurly would just muster up some rain, just a bit would be damn fine
But for the lady of the Station who’s chief cook and bottle washer to boot
To have those angels come to my house with their fairy dust was beaut.

Thank you to all you sponsors, you’ve made me smile like you wouldn’t believe
To break the monotony of those boring jobs was a truly welcome reprieve
I reckon I can tackle the Christmas baking now, I can see my way clear again
To roll out the welcome mat for the jolly fat man and his Santa sack full of rain.

Bev Sipos
Woodstock Station, Richmond Q