New Education Centre

Gulf Horizons Foundation cares for the Kids of the Gulf.  We plan to build an education centre, a highly interactive environment that teaches children from the Gulf and visitors, all about the environment, native animals, rivers, sea and our rivers.

The exciting new centre will teach them how to care for the environment, how the cattle stations of the Gulf are improving their properties and how to grow into responsible adults who care for our country and the future.

It will feature:

  • Large maps of the Gulf Region of Far Nth.Queensland
  • An interactive map table that shows different land usages as farming, grazing and mining
  • Beautiful photographs and information panels about special plants, native animals and places
  • Exciting videos featuring special characters
  • A kids corner with games, colouring sheets and scale models

This centre will also operate a travelling “Winebago” type mobile education centre, for taking the centre to the kids in far distant towns.

Your donation or sponsorship is sought in bringing this high-tech education centre into reality.  We estimate a cost of $225,000 AUD.  Will you help today to help educate Australia’s major asset?  Our children!  Email us at:

P/S:  We plan to call it:  Gulf Heritage – The Learning Centre for Kids (and Big People).