Our Grants Program

Previously and at various times, Gulf Horizons Foundation has invited application for grants from the community.  And currently we are assessing a range of recent applications from community groups, individuals and enterprises that need help and supports.

We favor applications for grants that help with infrastructure, and projects that will improve the lives of those in the Gulf towns.  We seek results, improvements, growth and forward movement from the usage of these approved grants.


Grants Program Future

After our May 2nd 2014 Needs Analysis Planning Day, our Grants Program will be formalized and will stand alongside our major and minor Planned Projects, in order to allow the continuation of assistance.  As we grow our Grants fund, we shall invite new applications.  

At that time, we shall feature the guidelines and parameters, expectations and philosophy, that GHF’s Grants Program will operate within.



Applications will be able to be made from this page, with downloadable application forms.

Please re-visit this page again.


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